Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Number One in North Carolina

One of our juniors, Chloe Pizer, who is very humble and might not let you know any of her recent accomplishments, should be recognized for her outstanding results this summer.  A lot of you may have seen her training at CHTC during the morning, or midday, or afternoon, or dusk, or the early evening, but, perhaps, not so much recently.  That’s because she’s had a dream summer playing incredible tennis around the country and winning almost everything she's entered.  Chloe, who is 13 and in her first year of 14‘s, is currently 1st in the State of NC, 1st in the Southern Section, and 3rd in the nation.  After having a rough winter where she got rounded at some tournaments because she wasn’t yet use to the pace, it is nice to see her rebound and not only get comfortable playing against more pace, but now actually enjoying the faster game.  Since spring Chloe has really figured things out and she’s been on a winning tear in both 14‘s and 16‘s, taking titles in basically everything she’s entered.  We here at CHTC would like to congratulate her for all her hard work and success.  It’s been fun to see her gain more confidence all summer long.

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