Monday, August 24, 2020

Chapel Hill Tennis Club Update September 2020


                CHTC Update September 2020

USTA/NCTA N.C. Member Organization of the Year

USTA Southern Section Member Organization of the Year

Valued member,

Thank you for your membership, your support and your patience since March 13 through this COVID-19 Pandemic. I hope you and yours are doing well. All of us, members and staff, have been affected in every aspect of our lives by the current health crisis.  Here at the club, operations have been changing and everything is certainly more challenging for all of us at the club members and staff.  Not the spring and summer we are used to, for sure.  You have been outstanding in your support for the club and outstanding in support of and adherence to new club policies.  We greatly appreciate you!!!

As a Reminder – wash hands or use the sanitizer provided by the club, keep a minimum 6ft social distance, bring your own water, and stay safe in all you do.  Do not come to the club if you are sick OR experiencing any of these symptoms:  fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell or have been around anyone experiencing these symptoms or who has had a positive test regardless of symptoms.

Alan and The CHTC Team  


Indoor Tennis October 1, 2020 – April 2, 2021


From the Website / All Indoor Tennis Information please click here:


The Following times are open and available for contract this Season Only and we are looking to sell these courts to Members Only which is why Members Only Contracts will take full precedence:


Mondays:  8:30-10am (1 court) / 10-11:30-1pm (1 court) 11:30-1pm (2 courts)         1-2:30pm (4 courts) / 2:30-4pm (1 court) / 8:30-10pm (4 courts)

Tuesdays:  10-11:30am (1 court) / 11:30-1pm (1 court) / 1-2:30pm (2 courts)         8:30-10pm (1 court)

Wednesdays:  7-8:30pm (1 court)

Thursdays:  10-11:30am (1 court) / 1-2:30pm (2 courts) / 7-8:30pm (1 court)       8:30-10pm (1 court)

Fridays:  8:30-10am (1 court) / 11:30-1pm (3 courts) / 8:30-10pm (4 courts)

Saturdays:  7-8:30pm (4 courts) / 8:30-10pm (4 courts)

Sundays:  8:30-10am (1 court) / 10-11:30am (1 court) / 11:30-1pm (1 court)        2:30-4pm (1 court) / 5:30-7pm (1 court) / 7-8:30pm (1 court) / 8:30-10pm (3 courts)


Here is the procedure for Indoor Contract Purchase:

  1. You must fill out the application completely and submit with payment in full.  Do Not Mail – please bring completed application to Pro Shop with a check or credit card.  919-929-5248

Click here for application:

  1. This info is going out to all members today Saturday, August 22 and we are giving a full week for interested members to get their players together for given contract(s) interest and submit applications and payments in full ending by close of business Friday, August 28.  We must receive your application and payment by 7pm August 28. 
  2. If there is only 1 member contract application submitted with payment in full for a particular contract(s) they automatically get that court(s).
  3. If there are multiple members submitting contract applications with payments in full for the same particular contract(s) this is how it will be decided:

a.      Contracts with ONLY members will take full precedence.

b.     Lottery drawing will decide who gets the court(s).

c.      You will be notified either way.

  1. On Monday, August 31 we will begin marketing all contracts, that are still open and available, to both members and non members.
  2. These contracts are for this season ONLY.


Indoor Tennis Ventilation Project / Safety Policies / Operational Rules

Project will begin Tuesday, September 8 and will finish by September 20.

During the construction process we apologize in advance for any noise pollution and other distractions associated with this project.


We are extremely excited to communicate a new Indoor Ventilation Project which is now under contract and will be completed by mid-September. This project consists of ventilation fans and ventilation louvers which allow us to replace the air inside the building with fresh air at a rate of 2 to 5 times per hour!  We believe this fresh air exchange system’s performance exceeds that of similar systems at other indoor tennis facilities in the area. The board has been considering this upgrade for several years. The board recently voted to accelerate the fresh air initiative to help improve the safety indoor court playing conditions. While it is not possible to eliminate all risk associated with playing tennis indoors or outdoors, we believe the new fresh air system will be a positive change in the playing environment.  


In addition the board working with club management is in the process of developing 

the operating procedures of the indoor court play. We expect that changes in the state and local regulations may have some effect on the Indoor facility operations. The one significant change will be a 5-minute decrease in scheduled playing time. This is necessary to provide time for an orderly exit and entry of players from the building.

Below are some of the operating rules we will use to improve the safety of our indoor facility.

-        Entrance will be at the front door

-        Exit will be at the back door

-        No walking to and from courts behind the blue tarps, walking on back side of the court for entry and exit 

-        A buzzer will sound for the end of the session. When the buzzer sounds, you must stop play, collect your belongings and leave the court. The next group can’t enter the building until you leave, so there will be no more continuing play until you see the next group – you have to just leave.

-        Face coverings will be mandatory upon entry and exit

-        During inclement weather, there can be entry and exit at front door, but distancing must be maintained and masks are mandatory as always.

-        No waiting or congregating in the lobby area

-        Keep minimum 6 ft distance from others at all times



 If you have other ideas for consideration that you believe would improve safety or improve efficiency, please let us know.


Early Morning Tennis


Early morning tennis at 7am or the desire to show up at your 8:30am court is an option.  Hard Courts are always available unless we have had wind or rain the night before AND most days we have already gotten Clay Courts 19-24 groomed and ready to go prior to 8:30am and some days as early as 7am unless we have had wind or rain or other factors the night before.  We do not take court reservations that early so it is first come first serve.  But you are welcome to come out early and use the Hard Courts or use Courts 19-24 IF they are groomed and ready for play.  Maintenance is always here daily and early getting the courts ready for play.

Calendar of Events


From the Website / Calendar of Events click here:


This is the area to view details on ALL club programming and to enroll in Tennis Clinics with your CHTC Member Account.  If you do not have a CHTC Member Account please click on LOGIN on the website and then REGISTER for an account.  Your member account is also used for online court reservations.



2020 Phase 2 Pool Operations for End of Season

Monday, August 24 - Sunday, September 13 (Last Day for Pool Season)

Members Only - NO Guests Allowed

Hours of Operation:  Weekdays 1:30pm - 7pm   /   Weekends 12pm - 7pm

Daily Block of Times for Recreational Swimming: 

Weekdays 1:30pm - 4pm & 4:30pm - 7pm / Weekends 12pm - 2pm, 2:30pm - 4:30pm, 5pm - 7pm     

* 3 lap lanes also available by Reservation during each block time*

Cleaning - disinfecting, including pool bathrooms, to be done during block times and block breaks

Pool Reservations 919-929-5248:  to be done through the Pro Shop Staff ONLY and during Pro Shop Hours starting at 9am by phone and can be done for future block times day of or one day in advance ONLY

*Walk Ins will be welcome if we are below occupancy for that present block time *1 Block Time Reservation per Day ONLY  *Email reservations and Voice Mail reservations will NOT be accepted

You will need to Specify:  which block time(s) - how many total people - main pool or baby pool - recreational swimming OR lap swimming

Lap Swimming:  reservations are 30 minutes each, *1 person per lane *except family members residing in the same residence are allowed 2 per lane*

Max Occupancy Main Pool:  80 total people per block time

Max Occupancy Wading Pool:  3 kids in pool total, parents will be allowed on baby pool deck

Water Slide and Diving Board:  Yes, will be operational

Entrance:  will be the same gate down the sidewalk with distancing measures

Exit:  will be through the double gate on the deck with distancing measures

Check in screening:  Employees and pool patrons are required a Daily Symptom Screening Checklist provided by Health Department.

Pool Furniture / Patio Tables / Grills:  all will be removed – bring your own chairs please

Not Allowed:  Pool Parties of any kind and NO Club Events

Not Allowed:  floats, kickboards, basketball, balls, toys, etc…

Coolers Allowed:  coolers with drinks, snacks will be allowed

Additional Sign Requirements:  provided by Health Department

Masks:  pool staff will be required to wear masks, pool patrons are highly recommended to wear masks when out of the pool in all areas

Social Distancing in All Areas:  as required and marked and will be enforced.  The pool deck has concrete squares and we ask that you distance your group one concrete square from the next group.

Safety:  is our number one concern with additional staffing for monitoring and distancing measures

Cooperation:  we expect ALL members to cooperate and respect these continued rules which are very unfortunate but also very necessary.  All Pool Rules are subject to change if necessary.

Guest Policy


As of the August 18 Board Meeting the Club is still limited to Members ONLY / No Guests Allowed.  This policy is again up for discussions and will be included in the Agenda at the next Board Meeting September 15.

From the Pro Shop


Hours of Operation:  Weekdays 8am-7pm / Weekends 8am-6pm

Even though the Clubhouse is Closed the Pro Shop is Open taking your phone calls, curbside pick up for all goods and services and racket stringing.  919-929-5248


Clubhouse, Fitness, Café, Patio Area, Court Furniture and Coolers


Until the Governor, the County and City of Carrboro ease restrictions into Phase 3 we will not offer the above club services.  These policies are again up for discussions and will be included in the Agenda at the next Board Meeting September 15.




As always we are truly grateful for your membership and greatly appreciate your support.


Alan & The CHTC Team

Phone: (919) 929-5248