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Out of the Pro's Corner

Our staff is loaded with knowledge. Burdened almost. With over 150 years of collected wisdom we have an abundance of experience dealing with the game of tennis.  Meetings and social gatherings become dissections of forehand mechanics from Tilden to Federer to the nascent geniuses of the future. We specialize in not-specializing. The advantage of a large veteran staff is that we can fan across the entire spectrum of play; be you the academy level junior or the social-playing professional, the kinetically-inclined cardio tennis player or the life-long player continuing the quest--we've got you covered.

As we gain proficiency in sharing this knowledge through different media, we will add links to other blogs created by our staff. These additional resources will help us cater to specific players without the fear of over-generalizing information.  We appreciate you stopping by and hope to see you more often as will fill out our resources.  

This site collects various lessons and tips from the pros at the Chapel Hill Tennis Club and orders them in an easy-to-read format that allows members to revisit themes and details from their lessons with the pros on staff.  The log also contains essays on tennis, players and the discipline of dedicated practice.