Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Lifetime of Swimming

Kids typically love the water. From playing in the sprinklers in the backyard to splashing around in a summer rain shower, little ones are thrilled at the opportunity to play in the water. Why not introduce your kids to a pool, and all that a pool has to offer? From a place of entertainment to a great workout resource to a relaxing retreat from daily life, a pool is a wonderful place to simply enjoy life with family and friends. In fact, a lifetime of swimming can contribute to better health, close relationships with friends, and a deep appreciation for the water.

Not everyone can afford to have a personal pool in their backyard. But not everyone needs one! Community pools are wonderful resources for growing families. Here are some of the great ways that your community pool can keep your kids swimming.

·       Learning to swim is important not only because it is fun, but because it saves lives. Teaching kids to swim is a milestone in the lives of both parents and their little ones. At your community pool, you can enroll your kids in swimming lessons and water safety courses. Teaching your children to respect and safely navigate the water is important!

·       Your community pool provides a wonderful place for your family to exercise together. Swimming is a great workout, as it enhances the circulatory and respiratory systems while toning muscles and promoting weight loss. Help your kids get into a great workout routine while boosting the health of the whole family!

·       Pool parties are, simply put, the best parties around. Celebrate birthdays and other special events by inviting family and friends out for a swim in your community pool.

·       Community pools know that many families have to make a day of their swimming trips. Why not have lunch before taking a dip? By providing meals, community pools promote not only swimming, but spending time with family and friends without having to leave the sun and fun for lunch.

·       Trips to the pool are great for all members of the family because the activities you can engage in are limitless. From fun swimming games to races, the water provides a great place to burn some energy and get some exercise. Want to relax? Lay out poolside with your favorite book! If your kids get tired of swimming, they can play games while relaxing on lounge chairs.

Setting your kids up for a lifetime of swimming does more than just allow your kids to enjoy the fun of a pool. This routine will promote physical fitness while encouraging your kids to spend time with one another. Better yet, they will learn great swimming skills in a safe, well monitored environment that promotes community involvement.

A pool is something that will provide fun, exercise, and entertainment for a lifetime. Quite honestly, a pool is a location that promotes fitness, socialization, and learning. To discover more about how a pool can provide your kids with a lifetime of swimming, visit www.chapelhilltennisclub.com.

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