Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keeping Fit While Enjoying the Pool

Getting—and staying—in shape is difficult for many people. Quite frankly, the majority of people do not find physical activity to be fun or exciting. This has contributed largely to the prevalent sedentary lifestyle in the Untied States, in which entertainment takes precedence over staying fit. But what if you could indulge in a physical activity that is both healthy and fun? You can! Simply head down to your local pool to engage in fun and social exercise.

Swimming is a wonderful workout that benefits a variety of systems within the body. But, unlike many other workout routines, swimming can be both physically demanding and socially entertaining. Whether you want to workout by yourself or spend some time at the pool with friends while engaging in physical activity, swimming is a great way to keep your body healthy.

You may be surprised to find out how good swimming actually is for your body. Here are some of the major health benefits that visiting your local pool can provide:

·       While swimming in a pool, your body burns about three calories per mile, per pound of bodyweight. This means that someone who weighs 150 pounds can burn 450 calories after swimming just one mile! Let’s compare the time you spend in the pool to the time you spend on the pavement: In one hour, you can burn as many calories swimming as you would after running six miles.

·       Working out at the pool can improve your circulatory system. With regular swimming, your resting heart rate will decrease, allowing blood to flow more efficiently through your body. It has the same effect on your respiratory rate, too!

·       Swimming is an exercise that tones both your upper and lower body, as many of your major muscles are used in propelling you through the water.

·       Many physical activities cause damage to your body, as they put a great deal of stress on your joints. Not swimming! In fact, working out in the pool is recommended for people who have injuries because simply being in the water reduces your body weight by a full tenth!

·       By taking to the pool for your workouts, you can reduce high blood pressure. As a result, your risk for heart disease and stroke is minimized.

·       When you swim, your muscles get more oxygen and you are able to relax more easily.

·       When exercising in the pool, you can improve the flexibility of your joints, allowing you to perform other exercises more comfortably and effectively. This will contribute to a successful weight loss program.

As you can see, exercising in a pool can provide a long list of health benefits—and these aren’t even all of them! The pool really can provide a fun workout, one that will help you lose weight, improve your fitness, and enhance your overall health.

Keeping physically fit is important for everyone, and why not engage in physical activity when it is as easy as taking a dip in your local pool? For more information about pool fitness, visit www.chapelhilltennisclub.com.

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