Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Challenge Ladder Begins 9/24

Hey Everybody!  

This is MegaPro letting you know that the Fall Challenge Ladder will begin Monday.  As in past ladders there will be four different levels of play which are labeled: AA, A, B, & C.

Every two weeks players will receive two new match assignments.  Once new matches are assigned, the ladder participants should email one another to set up a match time.  Courtesy is appreciated.  If you do not make an effort to contact your opponent and an excessive amount of time has elapsed, I will cyber-shake my fist at you and ask you to please respect each other's time.

Both players will bring a can of balls to the match.  The winner takes the unopened can.  So for those looking for a little more motivation, you are playing for a can of balls every time out.  That's like $3.  Woo-Hoo!

Each match will be at least two sets (unless an injury or other circumstance prevents a finish).  If players split sets a 10-point tiebreak (first to ten, win by two) can be used to determine the winner.  Players can elect to play out a 3rd set in lieu of a tiebreaker, but all 3rd sets will be recorded 1-0 to the winner.

After the match, players should record the score on the ladder website:

Players can challenge each other outside of the bi-weekly challenge assignments.  Please send me the dates and scores of these challenges.  
(FYI Players cannot record matches against the same opponent more than 4 times in a season.)

Match Winner receives 20 points
The Runner-Up gets 3 points (+ the number of games won)
Win by Default is 12 points
If you default a match you receive a -3 point deduction.

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